Today is International Literacy Day

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Do you know how many children in the world do not have access to a quality education or have access to a book, pencil or paper?  More than you think…

I often enjoy reading a good book; I am also in the process of writing a book.  Reading has helped me to learn about the world and figure out what role I want to have in it.  Writing has helped me express myself, share ideas and provides an anchor in my daily life.  Reading gives me insights and hope and it cultivates a craving to do well and share it with others.

Statistics show that 57 million children, most of them in underprivileged countries of the world, do not attend school and they do not know how to read or write. Without our assistance, many of them will undoubtedly never enter a classroom. Having spent many months living in Tanzania over the past three years, I have witnessed this staggering fact:  Millions of children leave primary school without basic literacy or numeracy skills, denying them the opportunity to achieve their potential. These children grow up without opportunity. They are also more vulnerable to disease, exploitation and hopelessness.

So many children are not afforded of the basic opportunity to acquire a quality education, a basic right every child should be able have access to. I had the opportunity to learn; read, write and communicate.  This education gave me the privilege of giving back the gift of education to those less fortunate.  I hope you join us in our quest.

The Tanzania School Foundation provides the vital need of Education in Tanzania.

Since inception in 2008, The Tanzania School Foundation has aided many villages in Tanzania.  In 2011, we began our project:  The School of St. Nicholas. Since inception the School of St. Nicholas has provided a quality education to our students.  A place where children learn, not only to read and write; they learn teamwork, leadership, individuality, creativity and the limitless possibilities of their future.  We are working hard with all of our partners to increase the number of students served… and get many more children enrolled in our school.

It is not only in the Classroom

In the western world we can read a book when we are anywhere; day or night.  My experience working side by side with the less fortunate in Tanzania has helped me gain a better understanding of the life of a child born into poverty.  Many of our students do not have electricity in their homes; all homework, reading and writing cease at 6:00 pm when the sun goes down.

We all know that learning doesn’t end in the classroom.  How can we create an environment where children are encouraged to take what they learn in the classroom and develop it at home ?  This is a challenging issue that is not often considered when providing education.  We at the Tanzania School Foundation are working hard to build additional classrooms and boarding houses for our students when they reach grade four.  Our dormitory rooms will encourage learning twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.  We will have teachers and aids on staff to help our students outside of the classroom.

Our expectations are high!

How to honor International Literacy Day

Today is International Literacy Day. We ask you to remember the fifty seven million children that are deprived the access to a quality education and are unable to experience the love of learning. It is our mission to support these children and it is our job to raise the necessary resources. Education is an investment, not an expense. It is an investment for the future of our children that pays dividends for many generations.

We hope you join us on our quest and support literacy in Tanzania.


Christine Lott


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