Fall 2014 Update

Dear Friends,

So much good news to share, where should we begin?

  • Our students are thriving.  We recently asked an English Medium School in the neighborhood for a copy of their Standard 1 final exam. They did, and last week we gave the test to our students who will begin Standard 1 in January.  It was that easy!  All of our students passed with flying colors and they haven’t even begun Standard 1 yet.
  • I meet the most incredible and generous people in Tanzania.  I am blessed…Really blessed.  Thank you to our friends in Australia, USA, Britain, Netherlands and Canada.  You have helped us in so many ways…you have given me, our students, teachers and staff in Tanzania hope.  Thank you for believing in what we do.  I am humbled beyond comprehension.
  • Our student open house was a huge success.  We have 15 new students and a new teacher who comes with six years experience working in an English Medium school.
  • We converted our garage into a classroom and our old classroom had a facelift, our students love their new digs.  Our classrooms are  colorful, bright and happy place for children, especially in Tanzania.
  • We are always looking for long term volunteers in Tanzania.  There are many opportunities to get involved in administration, teaching, staff training, marketing etc.
  • It is that time of year again.  our students are looking for sponsors.  If you can sponsor a child for $50 per month please contact us.  We are asking that once you sponsor a child, you commit to that child for the duration of their education with us.
  • We took one class on a field trip to Arusha National Park and they loved it.  It is a special day for them to get outside of the village.  They want to go on a safari everyday, everyone but Marion who was car sick the entire day.  (Pole Sana Marion).
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The past three months since  TSF’s  last news update has been incredibly blessed.  I was back in the USA for two months creating new opportunities and raising awareness of our wonderful work in Tanzania, In the eight weeks I was home, I was in a different state every week.  We have invitations to participate in events throughout America, and I never turn down an opportunity to share our work and our story. I meet so many folks from all over the world.  It is truly humbling to partner with them and we are honored to have them help us reach our goals.

The kind of people we encounter are generous!   Since our last post we have partnered with Gertler and Wente ARCHITECTS LLP in New York City.  Their offer to create the building plans for our school campus design has been incredible!.  After a couple of meetings and some hard work by them our plans were ready.  Below please find a rendering of what the School of St. Nicholas will look like by the end of the year!

School of St. Nick Rendering

So much more news to come soon with photos and videos too!  Thought I would keep you posted before our newsletter comes out.

Thanks for visiting our blog.


The TSF Team

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