2019 off to a great start!

So much to be thankful for, so much more to do.

It’s been a very busy 2019 so far for TSF & we have lots of exciting news to share (see below). I spent three of the past five months busy on the ground running our school, working side by side with our staff, building and drilling a water well in Tanzania. I arrived back in the USA in mid April and took a week off to celebrate my daughters wedding in Philadelphia. A proud moment for our family.

In January we were honored to host Tay Lion from California who came to Father Christmas Academy to paint a mural on our newest buildings outer wall. His artistic ability in the hot sun brought our wall to life. When Tay and Sadie had to return to the USA a local painter finished what he began. Together they did an outstanding job! TSF bought all the supplies and they supplied the talent. We are grateful…the wall faces our playground and is warm and colorful for our students.

In February we suffered a severe drought. No rain fell in three months, leaving the village water supply at a trickle. Our tanks were empty and we had to purchase water trucks to fill them…Then a miracle happened! A friend read our story and donated funds to survey for a water well!

We began the process and within three weeks we hit water, 60 meters below the surface! It was an exciting time for everyone: our staff, students and villagers took time to witness this wonderful gift! Water is life, and we received life. We had to upgrade our electricity to install the pump and then install new pipes to our water tanks due to the amount of water and pressure available.

Our water is cleaner than bottled water! So much of the local water source in Tanzania has a unhealthy high fluoride content causing dental fluorosis or skeletal fluorosis. As a school we do not have to worry about our students dental health. Our water tanks are full and our garden is thriving! There is so much good in this new water supply. We are humbled and grateful for the gift of life. It was so exciting we thought we would share some of the process with you!

Our citrus and banana trees are now thriving, our grass is green and our newly planted garden is thriving! Thank you Greta, for giving us life.

Our student population grew in 2019 as did our staff. We now have two full classrooms of happy children receiving a discounted or free education, thanks to many of you. However, we still have many students seeking a sponsor. You can change a life, please join our team and sponsor a student at FCA today…

So much more to share. More to come soon.

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