A look back at 2016


2016, Oh what a year!

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!
2016 was remarkable, thanks to you.

  • We broke ground on our first three classrooms/bathrooms/office thirteen months ago in the village of Mlangarini and today it is just about complete. Our contractors will paint the outside, install glass in the windows, hang the wooden doors, landscape and phase one will be finished! We look forward to our ribbon cutting in February 2017.
  • We educated over 40 children.
  • Employed 9 individuals in Tanzania
  • Over 200 Individuals from 12 countries volunteered over 12,000 hours
  • We received over 4,000 pounds of in-kind donations…all which made their way to Tanzania to benefit some of the poorest children in the region.
  • St. Clements in Medford, MA donated text books which were shipped in September, they arrived in Dar Es Salaam last week and cleared customs; they will arrive at our school on Sunday morning! A great way to begin the New Year.
  • Over 5,000 TSF Christmas ornaments were sold this year and are hanging on trees all around the world.
  • We made many new friends along the way

Those are just some of our accomplishments in 2016.

With all of our success, we have had some setbacks too.

  • Our school is still not registered in Tanzania, we are in phase three, with three phases to go. (The Tanzanian government does not make it easy.)
  • We have outgrown our current space
  • Some of our students are growing up fast and need to be in a registered school
  • Of our forty students only five are sponsored
  • Our new school campus is four miles from its current location making it nearly impossible for our students to get to the new site without a school bus

We have some difficult decisions to make about our future of growth with limited resources.We are working on a sustainability plan.
In the past we have provided a free education or 80% discounted education to all of our students. The more we grow the less sustainable that model is.

I am confident we will come to a sustainable solution.
I am not counting out that miracle we so desperately need!

Click here to watch a short 1 minute video of our work in Tanzania.

A special THANK YOU to our friends at Goldman Sachs and the Kenneth Rainin Foundation for their generous support this year.

On behalf of all of us at TSF – in the USA and Tanzania – Warm Wishes for a happy and healthy New Year.


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