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Another School Year Begins

Happy New Year, TSF & FCA supporters! I think I speak for all of us when I say I’m looking forward to a fresh start. But, before I talk too much about the future, I think it’s only fitting to take a moment to reflect on the year that was.

TSF and FCA has had it’s share of obstacles, and 2020 certainly introduced us to some new ones. Like you, we met the challenge of a global  pandemic, only to face local challenges as the year progressed. Today, we continue to adapt, as you do, to the continuing presence of COVID-19. I am so proud of the way the we have emerged from all of these challenges. We are stronger,  thanks to the loyalty and commitment of supporters, staff and students alike.

Now, it’s time to look forward. This year, we welcome 37 students to Fr Christmas Academy. That’s 37 students, countless families and communities that will be reap the benefits of their child’s  education as we continue to fight poverty in 2021. That’s what I’m looking forward to!  (Even from abroad! )

Before the start of the New Year, the Ministry of Education in Tanzania mandated that we complete the building of an additional classroom.  This unexpected demand put some additional stress on our small all volunteer organization in the USA.  We also had to furnish another classroom for the start of the new academic year.   The challenges are endless (and expensive)but thanks to you we can overcome them.

My colleagues in Tanzania tell me that Covid pandemic is surging in Tanzania as I type this.  There is no indication that the government will accept vaccines for their citizens and denial is rampant throughout the country.   All of our staff, students and their families are taking the necessary precautions.  We are educating them on precautionary measures from abroad.

The economic situation in Tanzania is dire at this time…poverty surrounds the majority.

I talk to my colleagues everyday, together we encourage one another.

We look forward to your ongoing support in 2021 as we continue to do more with less.

Thank you to all who have supported our work in 2020.  We hope you can continue to help us educate the venerable in Tanzania,

Aside from educating children, we have an expanded list of needs, here are some of the most immediate:
We have ongoing work to finish the classroom, furniture, paint, windows, doors etc.  and our school bus needs repairs!

Stay safe and thank you for reading/sharing and having an interest in our work in Tanzania!



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