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We certainly had a successful few months in Tanzania. Our students are learning at a rapid pace and they are really excelling with the English Language! It is just amazing to see their progress. This has encouraged us to step up the curriculum and move a bit faster. We cannot slow down the process for the few that cannot keep up. Our weekly test has been encouraging with most of our students scoring in the 80’s, 90’s and a few 100’s.

There are some however, that don’t take the test and would rather play…they can’t complete it.  With the end of the school year quickly approaching in June,  we will reevaluate those students. We are also creating an entrance exam for new students, especially for our upcoming grade 1 students. With a long wait list of students we have to insure that the criteria is met:  they have to be poor and they have to be bright; maintaining an average of 75 or better.

Recently, we noticed that our students had worms in their stool; a parasite of sorts, so we began dispersing deworming medication to kill or prevent these parasites for all of our students.  We also started providing daily vitamins to insure good health.

We provide a quality English education for free. Each student’s education cost us approximately $1000.00 per year, so it is imperative that we see progress and growth.


I am excited to write that we began building on our plot in the village of Saitabau last month.  Our building has slowed down quite a bit due to lack of financial resources.  Over the past week we began a capital campaign  trying to raise $25,000!  It is a big stretch, but with your help we could continue what we began.  We need all of your support.  Please make your donation by clicking below:  You can click one of the photos below to designate where you want your funds to be spent.


To donate to our general fund

 Cement-donate Donate bags of cement ($10 each bag) 200 needed


Each cinderblock cost $1.20 cents 8,000 needed

donate-sand-gravel-stones Truckload of gravel,sand and stones $150.00 15 of each needed

Sponsor-a-desk $80.00 each (30 needed)

Sponsor-a-student $65.00 per month (40 needed)

Sponsor-a-teacher $100 per month (3 needed)

Saitabau Village is a  remote village where most of the children don’t have access to a good education.  Many walk miles to a government school.  It is our hope to educate many of these poor children as well as most of our current students.  Imagine a village where all of the children have access to a free quality English education!

We are also in the process of registering and obtaining permits. It is not just building a building, but an entire process. We also had to file our annual paperwork in Dar Es Salaam at the NGO office and pay our annual fee.  It is something we have to put on our calendar each year and make the annual trip to Dar.  There will also  be a lot of paperwork to file once the school is registered.  We are looking to build a stronger board of directors in both Tanzania and The United States.  If you know anyone who has a talent that wants to get involved in a great organization, please let us know!

I have a few things that I will be working on in the upcoming weeks.  The most difficult seems to be getting back in the swing of the USA.  I am still confused as to what side of the road to drive on, the routine I should have and my focus.  I am not sure where to begin after being in Tanzania for the past three months.  I am slowly getting in the groove and booking all of our events for the upcoming weeks.

While back in the USA I started substitute teaching at the local high school.  This serves as a multipurpose.  I get to earn some funding to pay the bills, engage and empower some of the teens in Stoughton and I share our work with all of the teens and staff.  Sharing our work with as many as I possibly can is part of my job as Director of this organization.  I am enjoying all aspects of this position.

We are busy at CCI.  We are always looking for new volunteers…please visit our calendar for all of our events. If you could help at any of them, we welcome you!

If you would like to host an event, please click on our fundraising toolkit!  It has all the information you need to get you started.  We look forward to meeting you soon.


Christine Lott

Director/Founder CCI

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