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We need your help!  Consider getting involved.

Host an event

Start an online campaign with one of the many crowd-rising online platforms:

Host a birthday fundraiser in Facebook for us,  send it to your friends and family and help us raise needed funding.

Host a fundraiser anywhere in the USA, we are a 501(c)3 non profit organization.

Attend one of our events in the Boston Area

Host a Tanzanian Art house party for us.  Similar to a Tupperware party!  We will set up our beautiful handmade crafts, you invite friends and together we make lasting memories while supporting education in Tanzania.

Host a “paint a Christmas Ornament” night for you and your friends.

Load a backpack with supplies for our students.

Join our BOD and share your talents.

Visit our Online Shop and purchase a beautiful piece of art.


There are many ways to get involved.

Contact us for more information

    Tanzania School Foundation
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