Going back to Tanzania

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Well that was fast!  It seems I just got back and today, I am heading back to Tanzania.

My life is certainly hectic.  I have been substitute teaching at the Stoughton High School, working for my parish from home and running this non profit organization.  In the past 5 weeks we had 18 volunteers come on down to Gillette Stadium for two Revolution games and we have participated in four various festivals/craft fairs to sell our Tanzanian crafts.  We had two fundraisers at Restaurants as well:  Wayback Burgers in Stoughton and Panera Bread in Portsmouth NH.  A great big thank you to the Lopes family in Stoughton for their support at Wayback!

Amanda our intern is doing a great job.  She is working with Flatbread for another fundraiser which will take place in September and Orange Leaf in Canton, MA will be hosting a fundraiser for us in September as well.

We met some great people at all of our events and we raised some needed funds.  We also worked on our upcoming craft fair for the 4th of July Stoughton celebration!  We still have room for a few more vendors, our entertainment is filling us too.  We are looking forward to a great, fun-filled day.

Next Saturday Amanda will be at the Opening Farmer’s Market in Stoughton selling our Tanzanian crafts.  Thank you to Steve Kelly and crew for the invitation to partake in this wonder community event.

I spent two days in New York City a couple of weeks ago.  I went to the Goldman Sachs Quarter Century Club dinner and had a great time seeing old and making new friends.  It was good to share the good work we do with many philanthropic individuals who could hopefully help us fight poverty in Tanzania.  I also me with Dr. Judy and Russel while in NY.  It was good to see them after their visit in Tanzania.  It was a whirlwind and before I knew what was going on, they arranged for me to be on South South News – which is a United Nations online broadcast!

The morning after the GS dinner I was back in Manhattan for the taped interview!  I was not actually prepared for this; I didn’t have ‘television’ worthy clothes with me as I thought I would spend my day on a bus back to Boston.  It all worked out and I look forward to viewing the final production!  Thank you Dr. Judy & Thank you Russell for arranging such a special event!

So…now, here it is the day I once again depart for Tanzania.  I am not ready to go back.  Spending a lot of time in two different countries is complicated!  I am glad Amanda joined us, which makes what we do in the USA continue.  My discount airfare takes me to a variety of cities and 36 hours to get there.  This evening I head to JFK for two hours, from JFK, I fly to Amsterdam where I spend 9 hours, then it is off to Nairobi…the highlight of the trip will be the 5 hours shuttle bus ride from Nairobi to Arusha…I will be tired when I arrive after spending two nights flying.  I arrive on Tuesday.

Trying to get 180 pounds of donated goods into 150 pounds has not been accomplished.  Next post will be from Tanzania.



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