Happy Belated 4th of July!


Greetings all!

It’s winter here in Tanzania and it can be a bit chilly!  With so much building going on at the new school site, we here at the Tanzania School Foundation have been busy. Windows and doors are in place along with the muchschool bldg july 2016 anticipated roof. We thank everyone for the generous donations over the past several months. With your help we have been able to build one additional classroom and office space for the school. Your support allows for the employment of four local teachers and a crew of construction workers.  There is still much work to accomplish before opening in January. In order to complete our goal we will continue our fundraising efforts. Any donation will be greatly appreciated as we move closer to January.



SInce our last update  we’ve had the pleasure of hosting six volunteers. Local teachers and students alike are eagerly learning English. The school has grown so much in the past several months that the kindergarten classroom has moved outside.  We are increasingly optimistic that with your help we will continue to grow.
Thank you so much for reading!

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