Here there and everywhere!

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I love what I do for the below reasons and more.

  • challenging
  • heart warming
  • exciting
  • not easy
  • learn something new every day
  • seeing our students thrive
  • living on the edge
  • wonderful volunteers
  • our successes
  • our failures
  • The many people I meet from all corners of the world.
  • knowing our Christmas ornaments will be hanging on 10,000 Christmas trees around the world
  • Seeing the generosity of so many

Since the last time I posted on this blog, I have been in Tanzania for five weeks and am now back in the USA.

I love being in Tanzania…it is where our work is… it is incredible.   I get off the plane and hit the ground running.  Running the school, seeing the students, our colleagues, our painters and vendors that sell our Christmas Ornaments is truly special.

Before taking this position I worked at Goldman Sachs for twenty five years.  As much as I loved my position at GS, I love this one  more.  I am glad to have taken the leap of faith.  This is right where I am suppose to be.  For the past four years I have been utilized to my full potential…something GS never gave me the opportunity to do.

I love to travel and meet people from all around the world…and that is exactly what I am doing.  I have met some extraordinary people in Tanzania and the USA from every corner of the world.  It is remarkable!

In the USA we have many volunteers of all ages donating their time with us.  We couldn’t do what we do with their dedication and support.  We are very grateful that they choose us as their charity!

Two years ago we first introduced our Christmas ornaments in Tanzania, they were met with some skepticism and uncertainty…today the uncertainty has vanished..we have 8 vendors in Tanzania selling over 100 every month as well as individuals selling them all around the world.  This Christmas we are excited to reached 10,000 ornaments sold!  Yes, 10,000 of our beautiful hand painted in Tanzania Christmas Ornaments are hanging on trees all around the world!   In two years 10,000 have been sold and it is time to order 10,000 more unpainted paper mache balls from our friends in India.  We have increased the number of painters and we keep them busy all year round!  We are creating jobs in Tanzania in ways we never expected!

Since returning to Massachusetts, I often wish I was still in Tanzania. The end of the school year is approaching and we are testing new students for enrollment in January,  testing our current students to see where they are with their English, math and reading and we have our Christmas ornaments which are selling in abundance this time of year and our building project. Managing inventory is difficult, the ornaments are selling faster than our painters can paint them and we now rely on volunteers in Tanzania to make our deliveries for us.

I am here in the USA adjusting to the cold weather and filling up my calendar for the next 10 weeks.  I am just as busy here trying to raise funding and awareness as I am in Tanzania.  This job entails a variety of skills, some I prefer more than others.

We are  moving!  Thanks you Steve Kelly for donating small office space!  We are making it our home:  hanging photos of our students, Tanzania art and our logos.  We are excited to be moving into real office space.  Inch by inch we are growing and we couldn’t do it without all our supporters.  So if you are one of them, thank you!

It amazes me how things just seem to come together even when they weren’t planned.  Our project was always to be:

school of St. NickWhat we never imagined was that we would be supporting our school with the sale of Christmas ornaments!

Things just happen and it is all good.

Our new address is 2 Canton Street, Ste 222 in Stoughton, MA, stop by and say hello and pick up one of our Christmas ornaments for this Christmas.

Not in the neighborhood?  We’ll get one in the mail…They are beautiful!  Help us exceed 10,000 and have one hanging on your Christmas tree this year!

As the year comes to an end and a new one begins, we have TEN students who are seeking sponsorship. Education at the School of St. Nicholas (which includes a 100% quality English Education, uniforms, backpacks, books, games, teachers, toothbrushes and daily meals costs $66.50 per month or $800.00 per year per child).  Contact us at if you would like to support one of our students.  You will receive photos and personal letters from your sponsored student throughout the year.  They would be forever grateful.




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