Mt KilimanjaroReach your personal summit and the highest summit in Tanzania at the same time.

To climb Kilimanjaro for charity is a great way to fund raise money for a worthy cause while checking off a major challenge on your bucket list.

Feeling like you need to reach your full potential?   Have you been searching for an adventure?  Trying new things keeping invigorated and excited about life?
 Join the Tanzania School Foundation’s  Kilimanjaro challenge 2018/19 and climb for a purpose. To raise funds for the students of the School of St. Nicholas.  Through a partnership with an experienced Kili Trek Company, we are seeking adventurous individuals to fly into Tanzania from all over the world and take part of the challenge.
While in Tanzania, enjoy a complimentary 3 days with us, meeting the students, and seeing our work up close.
Mt. Kilimanjaro Machame Trail
Mt. Kilimanjaro is the highest free standing mountain in the world and one of the world’s 7 highest continental summits.  The Machame route approaches Kilimanjaro from the south, allowing gradual acclimatization to the altitude and an excellent chance of reaching the summit.  The trail consists of 8 full days on the mountain. 
Please contact us to participate in this exciting opportunity to challenge yourself as we continue to challenge our students everyday.  
Booking is simple. Below is the cost for groups of five or more. 
Fundraising option:
You commit to raise a minimum amount for Tanzania School Foundation.  This will cover the cost of your climb, and all land transfers.  Any amount over the cost of the climb will support Father Christmas Academy in Arumeru, Tanzania.
Lemosho Route: $2950 + Airfare
Macheme Route: $2850 + Airfare 
Self Fund Climb
Under this option you pay for the climb out of your own funds and fund-raise for the balance.  The cost of the climb is currently $1950/$1850.  You then commit to raise the balance of the further $1,000.00.  
 – Self Funded Lemosho Route: $1850 + flights + fundraising $1000.00
 – Self Funded Macheme Route: $1950 + flight + fundraising $1000.00
        Discounts available for groups of 5+ on fundraising option.
This includes a three day stay at the Tanzania School Foundation and Fr. Christmas Academy just outside of Arusha after your successful climb!
Karibu Sana!