November 2015 news

Another school year completed!

Greetings all and Happy Thanksgiving! (to all around the world).
It has been a very long time since we published a newsletter and for that we apologize!  We have been experiencing severe power cuts in Tanzania for the past 5 months, making online work a bit difficult.
Our students are growing up and our school has grown too!  We now have four teachers and 32 students.  Our students are taking their final exams this week and on Friday we distribute report cards to end the school year. Hard to believe that our grade one students who started with us three years ago are going into grade 2 in January.  It is such a privilege to hear them speak in English and watch them grow into smart, caring individuals.  It is truly amazing!

In 2015 we did have some set backs.  Our original plot which we began building on was deemed unacceptable by the Ministry of Education due to its size.  We own 1.2 acres and we were advised after building began that we need three acres for a full primary school. Unfortunately, that plot is now for sale.  But with bad news comes good news…With the help of a kind and generous gentleman in the UK, we were able to purchase a beautiful 3.2 acre plot in the village of Mlagarini.  It is closer, nicer and much more accessible for our existing students and staff than our original plot. We broke ground earlier this month building two classrooms and student toilets. We anticipate phase one (4 classrooms, toilets and offices) to be complete in mid 2016.

As of today, nine of our 32 students are sponsored. If you want to change a child’s life, please consider sponsoring one of our students for the upcoming school year.
Meet Hosiana…
She ranks # 1 in her class.  The daughter of a nomadic Masai family she lives nearby with a distant uncle.  Her mother sells charcoal with a donkey in Masai land.  Your sponsorship could change her life forever.  Many of our other students have a similar story.  Click here to learn more and to give the gift of education to some of the poorest children on earth.

Other news…Our Tanzanian co-director had the opportunity to come to the USA for 6 weeks.  He had a great time and was instrumental speaking to many groups about our awesome school!

We have had volunteers come from all around the world  spend some time with us this year.  If you are thinking about coming to Tanzania, we must be on your list!

Tomorrow, for the first time our students and staff in Tanzania will celebrate Thanksgiving… they will give thanks to all of you who are making a difference and choosing the Tanzanian School Foundation as your cause to support.

This Thanksgiving I am grateful for…
All who are reading this newsletter, sharing it and spreading the word of our school in Tanzania.  I appreciate all who take the time to send emails of encouragement.  Doing what I do is not easy.  I am especially grateful for the loving support of my family and friends, to the hundreds of volunteers who dedicate their time to TSF and all of our student’s sponsors and supporters.  I am grateful for our staff in Tanzania who work hard making our student’s lives full of hope and keep things running when I am in the USA.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.  Happy Thanksgiving.


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