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Father Christmas Academy

Fr. Christmas Academy opened its doors on it’s new campus in 2018 to offer a quality education that would otherwise not be available to the many of our students. We offer an education focused on individuality, creativity and  excellence.

FCA was founded by the Tanzania School Foundation.  Witnessed by TSF, the local schools are overcrowded, dilapidated and government educational investments are minimal.  Tanzania spends less (as a share of GDP) on the
education sector than most of its regional peers. The child population in Tanzania is currently 22 million and is expected to reach 58 million by 2050.  Something had to be done…so we did it. 

FCA offers quality, safe education for students. 

We currently sponsor students.

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Together, we can end the cycle of poverty through education

Our solution to the education problem in Tanzania, is to offer a unique way of teaching. We are required to implement the Tanzanian curriculum, however supplement it with curriculum from around the world. We use the best of Tanzanian and international teaching strategies to provide students with a well rounded education.  We provide a safe and nurturing learning environment.

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Change the world with us

Maintaining a school campus takes a lot of resources.  Aside from offering scholarships to some of the brightest children, we maintain the campus which require 4 full time staff.  Our need is great and we really need more help.  Why not join many others and support what we began. 

Tanzania School Foundation, Inc.