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Our Building Project


School RenderingWe have begun building our new school campus. Six months after a generous donor purchased a 3 acre plot of land for us we began building three classrooms, an office and student toilets. We broke ground in November 2015 and have completed phase one.  Our bathrooms have running water, flush toilets our classrooms are finished…just a few things left; gutters with a water catchment and painting the exterior.

However, the Ministry of Education is requiring that we have an additional three classrooms, a library, four more toilets, two more offices and two storage units before we move in…or alternately just have a pre school until the rest is complete.

The Tanzanian Health office is requiring us to have a Kitchen, Public Toilet, Playground, Fire Fighting Equipment, Handicap Accessibility, a lunch pavilion and a sick room for students.

We are working hard to achieve these requirements.  It is not easy.

Contribute today to have our students in a registered school We are in desperate need of your help.

Help us continue our building: “Buck a Brick”

One cinder block cost $1.00

One bag of cement cost $10.00

One Classroom cost $24,000.00

Our boys/girls bathrooms – $12,000.00

5,000 Liter Water Tank and water tower – $1,400

Furnishing one classroom: $3,500.00

We need other items too: Iron rods, gravel, sand, roof, timber, windows, doors, stones, iron sheets, paint and we have to of course pay our local workers a fair wage for their hard work.

Help us continue what we began.

New foundation for additional classroom, teacher toilets, two offices and a kitchen.


Three classrooms, boys and girls toilets and an office, Kitchen, teacher toilets, storage units…COMPLETED







To support the building of the School of St. Nicholas Campus