Christine Lott

Christine Lott

Christine Lott – Founder/Director

Christine is the Founder and driving force behind the Tanzania School Foundation and Father Christmas Academy in Tanzania. She founded TSF in 2008 and the School in 2014. A former Goldman Sachs Vice President in Operations, she gave it all away to fulfill a promise she made in 2007 while volunteering in Tanzania.

With a $20.00 donation to start, TSF and the School of St. Nicholas are changing the lives of children born into chronic poverty.

The school started in 2014 and provides an education to impoverished children.
Christine continues to tirelessly fund raise so the school can provide a quality education some of the poorest children in the Arusha region. Today, Christine can be found in Tanzania six month of the year insuring the students are thriving and insuring all funds are spent in accordance with donors wishes.

Christine is also a member of Rotary International – changing lives around the world through their efforts as well.

Her personal website can be found here

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