Testing our New Blog Site

We have been so busy!  As you can see we haven’t updated our blog in 4 months.

A few important things in the last 4 months.  I have been back and forth to Tanzania during that time.  I spent six weeks there.  It was not always easy.  My first day there I was robbed…The street boys took everything; all of our money, passport, drivers licenses, credit cards!  I hated myself…how could I be that stupid.We have been busy working on the Global Screening of One Day on Earth.  We hosted screenings in both Tanzania and Stoughton, Massachusetts.  It was exciting to be part of a global movement.  It occupied a lot of my time.

Our painters are very busy.  We are working with some Zoo’s in the United States and hope to get them in their gift shops this spring…stay tuned.

So much has been going on…11 days until our barefoot walk…we are in desperate need of more walkers.  We’ll see what happens the day of the event. Disappointing, but we haven’t put the time in that it deserves.

We thought we would update our website and with that all of our old blog posts will be lost…We will try to keep them somewhere on our new site. I’ll have to investigate.  For now this is just a test write up…Stay tuned, perhaps this new blog tool as well as our website will prompt me to write more often.

Happy Spring!


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