Fr. Christmas Academy loves visitors!

We are located in the village of Mlangarini (10 miles/24km from Arusha) Our students, teachers and staff are eager to meet you!

Do you have an afternoon in Arusha and looking for something to do?

Are you planning a trip to Arusha and want to plan ahead?

Karibu!  We welcome you.

Spend a day with our students and teachers.

Your visit can begin with a short tour of our small and growing school.  Pending on the number of visitors, individuals can spend a hour in the classroom working with our students, helping them solve a math problem, teaching them a new song or dance, or helping our teacher with a lesson.

Visitors can enjoy recess with our students in the playground or field.  Introduce a new game, help them jump road or some other fun activity of your choosing.

Where are we?  We are located just 16 km from the Arusha Clock tower in the Village of Mlangarini.

Contact us to schedule a visit in advance.

Call us to let us know you are coming.  +255 755 207017 or +255 687-063120

Father Christmas Academy

Tanzania School Foundation