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Join the hundreds of other volunteers who choose us to volunteer with us…

First ask yourself why you want to volunteer with us.  Do you have a skill that we could use?

We have opportunities for volunteers to assist us in our wish list that we do not have funding for.

  • Can you develop a website for our school?
  • Can you fill in for a teacher when they are out sick?
  • Can you create a series of videos for us?
  • Can you design our next building using your architectural skills?
  • Are you a nurse that can examine our students and insure they are healthy?
  • Do you have grant writing skills or become our fundraising ambassador?
  • Are you an artist that can paint a mural on our wall?
  • Are you a social media expert?
  • An accountant that can audit our books?
  • Are you a teacher who can create a professional development program after school for our teachers?

We hire and retain Tanzanian staff throughout the year.  Our volunteers come to work with our local staff.  A volunteers job is to assist where needed.  Volunteers generally do not teach children, they can however jump in where needed on any given day.  Volunteers can chaperone in the playground, play soccer during recess, learn to cook local food, teach new songs when time allows.

Volunteer in Tanzania with us for a wonderful, cultural and safe Tanzanian experience.  While in Tanzania volunteering at Fr. Christmas Academy, time should be spent to go on a wildlife safari, climb Mt. Kilimanjaro or visit Zanzibar. Tanzania has the best of the world to offer. Tanzania is a country rich in tradition, culture, wildlife and is blessed with breath taking landscapes.

Volunteer: Despite the growing tourism industry and other economic stimulation, poverty remains ubiquitous in Tanzania.

Our Tanzanian staff will take good care of you.

There is a one time $249.00 registration fee. This fee covers all administration costs, paper, banking fees etc. All fees must be received prior to your arrival in Tanzania to guarantee you a spot.

We have a minimum of two weeks stay with us.

Our hosting fees are as follows:

2 Weeks – $500.00
3 Weeks – $700.00
4 Weeks – $850.00
Please add $150.00 for every additional week up to 6 weeks.
Long Term Volunteers (2+ months) – contact us – Fees differ for long term volunteers.


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When you volunteer in Tanzania with us we can arrange all of your side trips! Our partners Fair Wage Safaris can take care of your every safari needs.


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