We are re-branding with a new name!

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Greetings everyone!


It has been a long time since we wrote anything on our blog.  We have been busy back in the USA for the past three months.  Chris has been writing her book, business plans, grant proposals and more and this blog got overlooked.  Our interns have gone back to school after a summer filled with good help.

Effective September 1, 2013 – We have changed our name.  Something Chris has wanted to do for a long time.  Changing the name is not that hard: filing with the state and the IRS but changing everything else is time consuming.

Google Grants, Apps, bank accounts, facebook, twitter, google +, blogs, websites, guidestar etc…We received confirmation from the state of Massachusetts that our name has been changed, now we are waiting for confirmation from the IRS…once that is received it will make things a bit easier.  There is business cards, signs, banners, brochures etc too.  Slowly, slowly we will get that done.

We have had some awesome volunteers at Gillette Stadium and met some new friends at a festival every weekend.  We have had a good summer.

Things in Tanzania are moving right along.  Chris is heading back to Tanzania three weeks from today and is looking forward to seeing the children and staff.  Our Christmas Ornaments have been a big hit this summer with our vendors.  Astrid our friend has been making our deliveries for us and we only have 200 painted ones left!  Chris has been trying to get in contact with our painters, but to no avail.  A road trip to Mtu Wa Mbu is needed to see Bosco.

We are still working on raising funding for our building project.  If you know anyone with an interest in Tanzania and Education that would be interested in our organization, please let us know!

Our new website will be:  bvthuduc.tk/wp1 – it is work in progress!

Thank you for your continued support.

All of us at TSF!




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