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Finally, some time to write

Greetings all,

My apologies for not sending an update in seven months!  We are all well…we have been busy.
Today I am writing from my sanctuary in Tarangire National Park.  My friends who own the Tarangire Safari Lodge invited me for a few days to get away.  It is not often that I have a day off, let alone two in such a beautiful setting.

I will be heading back to Arusha in a few hours and thought it would be a great time to send an update.  I am refreshed,  invigorated and ready to wrap up my time in Tanzania in a couple of weeks.

I have been back and forth between Tanzania and USA a few times this year and have spent 4.5 of those months in Tanzania.  We have been fortunate enough to have volunteers from all over the world spend time with us here in Tanzania; a treat for our students and staff for sure.  We have also been blessed with committed volunteers in America who work tirelessly to insure our success.

Our building project has grown tremendously over the past 6 months.  Today, we have three classrooms, an administrative office, student bathrooms and septic system.  They are not quite finished, but they are up and locked up.  The Ministry of Education has agreed to move ahead with our registration.  We are now awaiting reports from the District Engineers and Board of Health.  All are part of the school registration process.    We too have reports and assessments to write.
Our original one acre plot which is for sale has still not sold.  We are diligently working on that with realtors in the region.

Over the past several months we were been blessed with a volunteer web designer – Misti has recently taken on our project and redesigned our website! She has done an outstanding job, we are very grateful for her support!  You can check it out here:  www.tanzanaischoolfoundation.org. Let us know what you think!
Kyle another volunteer; a graphic designer has designed our school emblem.  
We couldn’t do what we do without the support of these kind and generous folks! So many folks chip in and give their talents to us: architects, accountants, teachers just to name a few.  An African proverb says “it takes a village to raise a child” and that is indeed true.  Together all of us are part of the puzzle to inspire, engage and educate the students we support.  What is your piece of the puzzle?

We still need to raise $25,000 to finish this phase of our school building project.  We need your help!
Please consider making a donation towards:
Plastering inside and out
Water tower
Plumbing, toilets, urinal, sinks
Electrical – All wires, lights, sockets, switches
Landscaping, walkways

Please click here to donate and help us meet our targeted move in date of January 2017

This will complete phase one of our school building project.  Without a large financial sponsor/donor we are moving along as quickly as we possibly can, but it is not easy.  I work tirelessly raising awareness and funding for our small and growing NGO. Running an International Organization and Primary School is a huge responsibility and one I take very seriously.

I am happy to say our students are thriving.  They can outperform a government school student by 2 grade levels.  It is a huge success for us and proof that our efforts have proven results.  We have great expectations for our students.  Our teachers in Tanzania have been fortunate to have teachers from the USA come and train them in curriculum building, goal setting, and western teaching techniques.  It is truly a special place for all!

We were recently donated 1,500 pounds of books from St. Clements in Medford Massachusetts.  A school that has closed it’s doors in June, due to low enrollment.   A donor had offered to pay for the shipping of the text books, however when they learned that the cost was $3300.00  via air freight, the reneged.  So now I have 1500 pounds of books in my garage in Massachusetts and we are now seeking donations for the shipping cost.  If you would like to help get those books to Tanzania, please respond to this email.

At the time of writing we have 9 of our 28 students sponsored.  That means we are seeking sponsorship for 17 of them.  For a donation of $50 per month you can change a child’s life.  To sponsor a student click here

We are also working on getting a school bus. Our new campus is 4.8 miles from our original site and out students need transport.  I am working with Rotary Clubs around the world to sponsor it.

As you can see our list is endless, please consider donating your piece of the puzzle.  Our small resources are changing lives in Tanzania.

Thank you for reading our newsletter, thank you for your support and thank you for your interest in our work.

I will now hit the bumpy and dusty road back to Arusha to work with our students and builders…the fascia board and gutters are going up today, where we will be catching the rain water!


Christine Lott

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