Artistan Support

Did you know that the artisan sector is the second largest employer in the developing world, behind agriculture? That’s right: millions of people in developing countries around the globe—most of them women—participate in the artisan economy, practicing traditional crafts as a means to earn income and sustain their livelihoods.

We partner with 100 artisans in Tanzania to sell home décor, apparel, and accessories that are designed locally with the help of our volunteers and handmade in Tanzania, this combines traditional techniques, local materials and amazing artisan skill. We purchase each item from the artisans, paying them a fair wage for their work.   100 percent of the proceeds from sales, with grants and donations, support education at Fr. Christmas Academy.

This model combines worldwide market opportunities and educational support; two of the most pressing challenges that artisans in Africa, and across the developing world face.

We help integrate artisans in Tanzania into the global economy by bringing their products to the international market and providing them with fair, consistent income for their work.

Promoting Tanzanian Artisans, and supporting the disadvantaged in creating unique products. Handicrafts, hand-sewn bags, sculptures, jewelry, re-purposed items & more.

To support local artisans (and education) through art click here

Tanzania School Foundation, Inc.